Legacy and Philosophy

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Rajput Catering Services have been one of the leading catering and Event Management Service providers in Pakistan since 1991. We are headquartered in Islamabad where we operate under the brand 'Hanif Rajput Catering Services'. We hold, by far, the most reputable name in the industry in our region of operations in Pakistan. Right from the beginning, we at 'Rajput Catering Services' have tried hard to stick to the virtues of excellence and continuous innovation and have maintained our market leadership position in Out-door Catering and Event Management industries all along.

We bring the same level of dedication and Passion to London, where we see a genuine gap in the market for authentic Pakistani / Indian cuisine served with the true spirit of hospitality and fervor that our part of the world is known for. We thought it was time for us to step in and give your taste-buds something to cherish. 

We have deeply inculcated the culture of honesty, hard work and fairness, into the fabric of our organization. We firmly believe that business is not primarily about wealth creation but about creation of extraordinary products and services. We understand quite well that the purpose of our organizations existence is to deliver something out of the ordinary, something unique, something amazing for our customers. We are used to setting difficult goals for ourselves and meeting them. We then raise the bar for ourselves, push continuously and stay on the lookout for improvements day in and day out, for what is a life without passion for higher and higher levels of excellence.