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Rana Ashraf Khan (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Rana Ashraf Khan is the Proprietor and Chief Executive Officer of Rajput Catering Services since 1991. Having done his Aeronautical Engineering from London, England in 1971, Mr. Rana Ashraf Khan served in Pakistan International Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines for about 20 years before joining hands with late Mr. Hanif Rajput to establish Hanif Rajput Catering Services in Islamabad. He has held the post of Chief Executive Officer ever-since.


With his visionary planning, enigmatic personal , high moral values, and keen interest in day to day business activities, he has not only equipped the organization with self sustenance but has also paved way for swift yet steady growth in times to come.


Salman Ashraf Khan (Vice President)    

Mr. Salman Ashraf Khan joined the family business after completing his education from Houston, Texas, U.S.A, in 2001. Currently working as the Vice President of the organization, he has taken on many roles during the last several years, including that of Manager Sales and Manager Operations.

Ever-since his affiliation with the organization, he has brought about enormously significant changes to the product/service design, workplace atmosphere and operational efficiency. In-fact it was Mr. Salman's genius that breathed new fire into out-door catering in our part of the world.  


Adnan Ashraf Khan



Umair Raza Khan