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We know all about the exciting little chores that family members have to handle while preparing for a wedding. With so much already going on in their minds; planning and arranging for themes, lights, food, carpets, and venues sometimes becomes a bit too tedious. That is where we step in. From deciding a venue to creating the ambiance of your ideal mehndi, baraat and valima, or creating the menu which follows the taste buds of your guests for days.

Corporate Events

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Your brand image is our brand image  and we make sure that we combine creativity with professionalism in expressing your brand image in your corporate events.

The process is simple, we sit down and analyze what you want to achieve with an event. May it be pleasing a foreign delegation or impressing important political or social figures. We make sure all your PR is given that special attention that gets you appreciation, phone calls and letters.

Get Togethers and Parties

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How many times have you been in a situation when you are calling guests over, the list is getting bigger and you're not sure if you can handle it all by yourselves Well, we'll tell you the magic formula. If you feel like your guests number will hit 50, give us a call and we'll arrange your complete event for you. Be it a birthday bash, an anniversary, an engagement or a formal gathering; try out our perfectly blended menus and services and enjoy the party.

Food Only

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Food Only? is a service that perfectly suites your small get together needs. If you are planning a small event and don't want to spoil the fun with tiresome cooking, just book a 'Food Only' with us and we can deliver the food right at your doorstep (terms and conditions apply). Our Food Only service is a much better option than deliveries from restaurants because in addition to being economical, it can be arranged for a greater number of people. So avail our Food Only service and shed off all cooking worries while arranging small dinners or get-togethers.

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