At your event, keep decision-makers to a minimum

Monday, 25 July 2011 00:00
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At events, especially wedding events, a lot of people around you may feel really excited and may want to chip in with their ideas, tips and offers for help. While any help from friends and relatives should always be welcome, you need to make sure that the quantity of suggestions and decision-makers stays very limited.


Being the hosts, I am sure you will have loads on your minds. Issues ranging from choosing who to invite, making lodging arrangements, choosing dresses, caterers, decorators, dishes, colour themes, event itinerary etc. With so much on your mind already, the last thing you need is information over-load in the form of suggestions and opinions from just about anybody. I have very frequently seen events getting ruined due to such confusion and indecision on the part of some of my clients. They either try to please everyone or are not sure of what they should be doing, and in the process get their own anxiety levels high and create massive confusions for the service providers.


The best solution to the entire situation is to either take control of your choices yourself without thinking about what others would think, or to put your faith in a select few family members (2-3 at best) and consult only them for ideas. The hard truth is that you will never keep everyone happy, and frankly that doesn't even matter. What matters is that you and your immediate family stay satisfied with your hard-work and efforts that you put into the event, do your best and hope that every-one that you have invited has a great time at your events. So trust your judgement and decide to decide.